City Girl.

Between the fumes of the city air and the hustle and bustle of big cities there is something quite fascinating about exploring an urban Jungle.  Sometimes it’s the architecture of either interior or exterior, a simple meal that plays with the mind and taste buds throughout the day, shops that scream out for my attention with pretty displays or a caffeine hint that leaves me craving for more of the bean.  A city can offer so much but it can also be overwhelming too.

Here are my favourite cities and why!

New York.

This is honeymoon city for me.  You guessed why?  We spent two weeks here after getting hitched and I was almost in tears when we left.  Two weeks were just not enough.  One of my favourite eats was at Susie’s Kitchen, where it was basic but it had a great burrito.  To my sadness I’ve noticed it is now marked as “closed” on Yelp! listings.  Mr C found a great cafe whilst we were at the laundrette that did the Peach Cream Frappuccino – which was clearly addictive and boy a great summer drink.  Oh boy!  I really would like one right now.  I know it’s winter but I don’t care! But you can find directions to the heavenly drink here.  I particularly enjoyed the Guggenheim Museum and the High Line.  The museum is such a great space in itself as an architectural form. The High line is free and you can get a great view of the city as well as a wee wonder between wild flowers and streets above pavement height!

Newly Weds on the High Line!


This is probably the only city that I feel comfortable using the trams!  Once I figured it out it was more or less easy to get on and off.  Ok there was one minor set back where we got the tram going the wrong direction.  But it all adds to the memories of the holiday!  There is so much to do in the city.  I have a list ready of new places to try when I go back to this city.  So far I would recommend the Botanical Gardens, Anne Frank House and a walk along the Canals!  My favourite eats were at Gartine, De Taart van m’n Tante, Bagels and Beans and Café George.

La Gartine from above.
MMMMmmm! Cake at Taart van m’n Tante
Tasty Bagel!
Café George Interior
Beautiful flowers at the flower market!
Flutter by in the Botanical gardens – it’s a bautiful place!
One of the many Canals!

And I can’t wait to go go back!

Rome, a home from home.

It’s hard not to put this as one of my favourite cities.  I’ve been here many a time and I haven’t seen everything this city has to offer.  I’m really lucky to have the friends and family of Paolo that stay there as they always taking us to somewhere new either inside or just outside the city.  Every-time we arrive I’m always dreaming about the pizza and suppli.  Ooooh the gelato – pistachio is one of my fav!  Before I forget – Zucchini flowers stuffed with mozzarella and deep-fried in batter and sweet cannelloni, Mmmm bliss!

One of many fountains!
Paolo’s great friends!
we were so much YOUNGer!
we were so much YOUNGer!

And there you have it!

Oh hang on … Wait!

My Hometown, Edinburgh – can’t forget this place.  From its castle to its palace, from the Pentlands to the Crags, from the parks to the beaches – so much versatility for a city.  It’s thriving independent shop scene includes cafés, coffee houses, boutiques, Ice cream bars, burger bars, Michelin star restaurants and so much more to explore in this vast exciting city!


I’ve lived here all my life and still haven’t explored every nook and cranny of this eccentric capital.  There is so much to do and see.  They say Edinburgh is one of the loneliest city’s to be in – to me that couldn’t be true.  I’ve met so many people, many who have become friends.  We might see each other for months but can pick up where we left off!  Yelp Edinburgh is such a great tool to find the newest things in the city and I’ve many great people through the social network.

The beautiful NMS on Chamber Street - it's astunner!
The beautiful NMS on Chamber Street – it’s a stunner!

The Royal Botanical Gardens are a treat for any nature or photography geek.  Lothian Buses is the best way to get round the city if you hate hills!  Get a city perspective from Carlton Hill or Arthur’s’ Seat. Edinburgh has loads of cafés to choose from – Hula Juice Bar, Project Coffee and Café Blue Bear are a few to choose from.  Get a culture hit at the National Museum os Scotland (NMS), which is on Chamber Street.

It's quirky city!
It’s some quirky city!

Hope you’ve enjoyed my post of a “City Girl”.    Looking forward to taking about other place I’ve been to and what’s inspired me about them!

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