It’s been a funny old week …

And it’s gone by so quickly, hasn’t?

The past fortnight has thundered by, nevermind the last week.  It all starts with Ladies night at The Sun Inn.  The cosy wee Gastro Pub serves up good grub with style and substance.  It’s one of my locals and one of my favourite places to eat.  I like to say it is good value for the food you receive too and the service is always friendly and welcoming.

Jo aka Mummy’s Knee on Twitter, asked a few of us along for this months Ladies Night.  I haven’t heard of it and was intrigued to try it out as well as have a wee bit of good banter with a few other Ladies.

We were all warmed up by  the tomato and garlic amouse bouche, which helped slip away the chill from outside.  If this had been in a soup bowl, I’d be one happy bunny.  Something so moorish about it.

Ladie's Night Menu
Ladie’s Night Menu

The menu was really well-balanced, but I had to stay clear of the Queenie scallops as I have had them in past from The Sun Inn and wasn’t impressed. Jo and Carrie said they were really nice though.  Perhaps the Gruyère cheese on the regular Queenie scallops drowns them in grease?  Anyway the Goats cheese and red pepper gnocchi tickled the taste buds.  There was a complimentary glass of prosecco with our meal which was a treat as i do prefer that to champagne.  Rolling onto the mains I was spoilt for choice – they all sounded very nice.  Unusually I opted for the chicken and wasn’t disappointed, it was very tender and tasty.  

Creamy goats cheese with red pepper gnocchi
Creamy goats cheese with red pepper gnocchi
Tender Chicken - yum!
Tender Chicken – yum!

Now dessert.  My favourite part of the meal!  It was either a cheese board or a dessert plate.  Come on – it’s very rare for me to go with the cheese board and the occasion was not going to be one of the cheese board moments.  This place has a knack for desserts, every pudding I’ve had so far has been heaven and I have a very sweet tooth, no thanks to my genes!  Boy I was pleased to have gone for sweet … The plate was like jewels on a crown!   Utter heaven but I was defeated by the cheese cake rolled in pistachios – oh how did this happen?  *shakes head in dismay*.  I think the sticky toffee pudding was the winner, although the lemon meringue pie was a hit too.  Oh boy.

Are you ready?

a happy tongue indeed!
a happy tongue indeed!

The service that night was a wee bit, let’s say “forgetful”.  Ok, the place is fully booked and it’s full of ladies, but normally they are fully booked on a good Sunday and the staff aren’t this forgetful.  I’m pretty sure the tables were all the tables were all booked more or less at the same time on the night, which may put pressure on front of house staff.  I noted at least 3 times, they had forgotten something.

Value?  Yes I’d go again.  It’s a good night full of good food, company and atmosphere.  £25 for a 3 course meal and a glass of fizz.


I’m not sure how to say this but how on earth did Peter’s Yard slip my radar for so long?

With 3 branches now in Edinburgh, this Swedish Cafè has some high praise about it.  It’s only taken me a few years to actually stop by and check it out.  I’ve heard things about the Spelt Scones from P.Y – so with Mum in tow I had to examine.  We ordered coffees (cappuccino for me, latté Macchiato for Mum), one spelt scone with jam and a raspberry cream bun.  I have to say i wasn’t overly impressed with the spelt scone as it dried out my mouth.  Was it the bicarbonate of soda or too much salt?  The bun itself was tasty but left me a little sad.  Sad in a way that it didn’t fulfil me with happy notes.  Now the coffee.  Impressive – Yes YES YES! Mum enjoyed hers too, but felt the same about the scone and bun.  I will be back for the black gold.  And next time I’m going to try one of the loafs!

Coffee Dreamin'
Coffee Dreamin’ with the spelt scone.
Raspberry cream bun
Raspberry cream bun


Now anytime Mum and I are down in Portbello, The Beach Café calls us in with its cakes.  And they are good.  I have it on good authority that Love Pure Cakes supplies them with the gluten-free cakes.  They not only offer a whole table display of cakes but a good extensive menu.  We’ve always managed to get something of the specials board and haven’t been let down.  My favourite cake so far has to be the lemon curd cake, light and fluffy plus gluten-free and you wouldn’t know it either!  The last couple of times I’ve had soup as the weather outside just called for it.  Tasty and warms you right through – just the way soup should be!

Gluten free tasty cakes!
Gluten free tasty cakes and tasty soup too!


Another eat this fortnight was at The Southern Bar.  I’ve now been here a couple of times before and I would say they win me over with the burgers hands down.  And on that note have the best onion rings I have had so far and they are beer battered!   The Southerner Burger was the choice with the brioche bun warmed.  I opted for the chunky chips but wished I had ordered the sweet potato fries.  The onion rings made up for this fail on my behalf.  the brioche bun was a little charred on the top, but we were too hungry to send it back.  The burger was packed full of flavour, which is when I really do appreciate good patties!  I’ll be back to get some more of these super onion rings ….. Mmmmmmm!

Burger, chips and these damn fine onion rings!
Burger, chips and these damn fine onion rings!


This week I’ve been stuffed with a chesty cold and stone sober … a whole week and no wine.  That’s right NO WINE!  I’m looking forward to this cold finally going (hopefully by Saturday at the latest) so I can get on with next weeks shenanigans with fizz!  All I have to say to my wonderful Hubbie is THANKYOU for putting up with me and serving me lemsip xx

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