These BOOTS are made for walking!

Since just before Christmas I’ve been waiting on these boots that my mum bought for me as a birthday present and hoping they would have arrived before or on the day.  In fact, they just arrived today after a shortage and a courier nearly disappearing with them – it was a truly massive ohhhhh maaaaa gaaaaauud” moment indeed!

Drum Roll Please!
Loadsa tissue paper!
Ta Dah!


Got my new brown boots on ….

The fit is really good.  I’ve struggled for years with high boots, especially when I was much younger when I had to wear high riding boots when I was entering dressage competitions.  Geee there should have been something like this back then.  There is a zip going all the way down to the ankle on the inside on the boot.  This makes it easier to just slip the foot in and zip up.  Plus it has a piece of elastic to help stretch round these curvy legs and makes zipping so easy.  They have a nice heel on them, not to high or low.  Can’t wait to try on with some outfits.  I’ll post a photo with both on from a better angle than above!  I just had to share my new boots with you as I’ve been über excited about them since finding them online.  The boots are by Legroom and I bought them from


DISCLAIMER:  All views are my own and these are a present from my mum to me.  The company did not give me them for free!  


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