Time flies, hasn’t it and i’ve been really naughty of lately with regards to this blog.

I’ve been sussing out stumbled upon recipes and expanding my cake menu for the business.  In my spare time I’ve been meeting new friends via Yelp! Edinburgh Community and catching up with my best buddies that have stuck by me through thick and thin!  The business has got busier now that the “diet” months have passed (that’s January and February to you and me).  I know how difficult it is to stay steer of cake so won’t moan about it too much and I like at bit of quiet to stand back and think about what I want to do this year.

We (Mr C & I) have decided to head over to California in the early Autumn.  Flights are booked and I’ve made a list of places to go, thanks to Edinburgh Yelpers and their input (I have lots for San Francisco!).  I can’t wait to see the coastal roads, beaches and experience the California delights.  I’ve been scouring the internet for ideas between San Francisco and L.A to see what’s out there.  I’m hoping we can stop by the Aquarium at Monterey and catch the Jellies – I’ve seen photos of this spectacle and love it!  If you have any ideas, hints and tips for our trip, please leave a comment below.  We’d love to hear your experieces of California. I’ll be doing all of the driving as Mr C won’t have enough experience to let the rental firm allow him to drive.  We are planning to drive to Yosemite N.P but we are not sure which way to go – SF, Yosemite, LA then back up to SF stopping along the way.  Or SF, down the coastal road to L.A, then Yosemite N.P and back to SF.  What do you guys think?

Before we head off to California, Milan is our destination in the Summer.  I’ve never been.  This will be a first for Milan and a first to see Pearl Jam in concert.  I’ve listened to some of their songs so know musically what I’m in for, but gig wise – I haven’t a clue!  Mr C is a HUGE fan of Pearl Jam, so I’m happy to exprience this with him.  I’m looking forward to trying Milanese food – I know italian food but each region has something special about it’s ingredients and that’s what i love about travelling!  Also the colours of the cities and archtectural elelments get me playing with the functions of my camera.  Ohhhh excited I am!

Looking ahead to May and June as these are filling up fast and furious with cake orders.  I’m also trying to experiment with my cake decorating tools and purchased a daffodil cutter, bead maker and tulip cutter recently.  I’ll get using them and post some pictures of my works when I get round to doing it.  Vegan cakes are very popular with one of the cafes that I supply.  Hula Juice Bar have fallen in love with the Courgette Cake and it proves to be a hit.  I’m tying to experiment with flavours that work in Vegan cakes and can be tricky sometimes without the rising aid of eggs and moisture control of dairy.  But it’s all fun at the end of the day.  The best part of my job is hearing that the cakes have sold out and people have enjoyed them.  That’s why I bake!

I’ve been falling in love all over again with La Barantine’s baguettes and crossiants.  And just a couple of doors along from them is one of favourite coffee stops.  Not only is it the coffee but the massive scones that tease me when I’m in the area of Bruntsfield.  Just of recent, I discovered (another plus for the Yelp! Community!) Urban Angel café on Forth Street, where I was in utter chocolate heaven with one of their  Edward & Irwyn “Tangerine & Spice” hot chocolates.  Small but big on flavour.  And the gluten free cake was amazing – orange, almond and the orange berries of seabuck thorn.  Simply delicious and rounded of by a visit to Mademoiselle Macaron at the Edinburgh Market by buying 8 macarons. 8 delicious macarons.  These macarons are such a treat.  I’m not a beer drinker but I did like the innis & gunn but my favourite by far is the Hendrick’s gin flavour – oh boy, what an epic day!

The “black medicine” page will be finished shortly, I promise!  I just want to get it right if you know what I mean.

I hope you have enjoyed my catch up and will try and blog another post sooner and not leave it as long as last time.




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