Homemade Wild Garlic Pesto

Whilst visiting the idyllic Preston Mill in East Linton this Easter Monday, I set my sight on some wild Garlic growing in the meadow.  There was a decent crop of it and looked still fresh so decided that today was going to be the day to experiment and make fresh pesto with this seasonal plant!

Wild Garlic!


I picked a good bunch of the stuff with the help of my Sister in Law, Areti.  It stunk the car out but I’ve smelt far worse smells than this!  Anyways I had everything else in the kitchen so this was it … my first ever time making my first ever wild garlic pesto!  Exciting isn’t it?

Preston Mill. East Linton
Preston Mill. East Linton


Food processor, 100g Pine nuts, a good glug of olive oil, that fresh bunch of wild garlic washed and pat dried, 100g finely grated parmesan, salt & pepper to taste, Spatula and a small bowl.  That’s it!  Yes that’s all you need for this easy and oh so quick recipe!  First blitz the pine nuts in the food processor with the standard blade, add the wild garlic (I chopped it in half, just to add it gradually to the mix), then glug the oil in to make a thick paste.  It’s then cheese time, so add that and season to taste!  Ta dah!  There you have it!


Wild Garlic Pesto
Wild Garlic Pesto


Now TV dinner.  Done.

Easy Dinner!
Easy Dinner!


Perfect end to a perfect day … oh wait I have a cake to bake for the next morning and then decorate!  No rest for the wicked!  It is my first commission for a Vegan Birthday cake and they asked me to make a coffee and walnut sponge.  The sponge turned out awesome and i was chuffed at the simple buttercream decoration.  I added vegan decorations – hydrangea petals to finish it off.  I finished about 30 minutes past midnight!  But feeling happy with the result!


Vegan Coffee & Walnut Cake
Vegan Coffee & Walnut Cake


Hygrangea Petals
Hydrangea Petals

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