Green Fingers

Having had a little time this weekend I’ve been busy weeding, planting and tidying up the garden.

Firstly I scraped all the rotting moss off the brickwork, just outside the main door of the garage and I’m wishing I now took a before and after photo as it looks so much better.

Next I decided the strawberry patches needed a bit of TLC and by that I mean getting all the new plants out that had been created last autumn by extensive runners from the original plants … I must have got at least 20 if not 30 new plants.  So with all these new plants I decided I wanted to use my Grandad’s strawberry tower and so I did.  Oh wait i had to go up to the garden centre and get some compost.  I went through to bags of the stuff before it was full!  But here is the finished result and here’s hoping we will have a bumper strawberry crop for a batch of jam!


Strawberry tower
Strawberry tower



Next I just did some weeding … not much to say on this but I’m so happy that I found that my peony tree is re-growing as i thought I’d lost it! On that note though but it’s regarding pest control – eggs shells blitzed in the food processor are meant to be a great way to tell these slugs and snails “keep away from my plants”.  I’ve added coffee grinds to them so it’s a double whammy … so we’ll see if this works!


I also decided that it was the time to chuck a few things out from the garden.  Two being the mint bags.  Weathered and having seen better days, these two bags were calling the day.  I took a few cuttings of the herb which will have no problem spreading in its new pot, so all isn’t so much in the bin.

In the near future I will have to number all my pots and take a plant count.  You see, I’m getting the whole garden levelled up and the hedges out in the next couple of months.  The hedges are baring thin and one of them (leylandii) looks like it’s got a disease going through it and has massive holes on my side – which all just looks unsightly.  I still want the birds to be welcome, so thinking lots of bushes and shrubs along the fence as well as some feeders.  So on the plant count idea I want to list what plants I have and plan where I want them in the newly rotovated soil.  It’s going to be tricky as I have so many plants in pots due to the garden as it is just now.

Still green but not garden related.  Wait it’s still a green plant … wild garlic!  I saved some and put in the freezer for a future pesto and today Mr C made fresh pasta, so perfect time to dig it out and make another batch of that pesto!  This time I added some dried dill to tone down the garlic!

Wild Garlic Pesto with Dill
Wild Garlic Pesto with Dill


Fresh Homemade Pasta!
Fresh Homemade Pasta!


And here is some of my favourite flowers that are blooming in the garden just now!


another tulip
another tulip


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