Clerk’s Bar, Edinburgh

Like coffee we’ve seen the big boom with cafés, coffee bars and coffee houses and now comes the crafter beers.

This Wednesday, I was luckily enough to join fellow bloggers who write about travel or food & drink at Clerk’s Bar for the Edinburgh Travel Blogger Meet-up.  Being self-employed, I take any oppurtunity to meet new people and exhange information as it’s gets a wee bit lonely sometimes if you are stuck in the kitchen baking along and the only thing you have is the radio for company!

The meetup was arranged by Julie and Tanya, who are both keen travels and advid craft beer fans.

This was my first time at Clerk’s Bar and I was really impressed, not only did I find a craft beer I liked (which i’m still shocked by!!), I enjoyed sitting round the table chatting about travel, food (cakes) and beer, other drinks and so much much more with David – @dsrjarman, Julie –@fuchsia_blue and Morgan – @morgancranch, whilst nibbling on the delicious nachos and chicken wings.

Chicken Wings











It was a good night and I’ll definatley be joining Tanya & Julie again for some light banter at the next meetup if I can!

Clerk’s Bar is at 74-78 South Clerk Street.  You can follow them on Twitter @clerksbar.  You can also follow @edintrav on twitter too.





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