Gettin’ crafty with the Garden

I’m not sure If I’ve mentioned that we are planning to re-do the garden this summer.  But anyway, ever since the decision I’ve been pinning on Pintrest from garden ideas.  It’s not the plant stock that’s the problem but how the shape of it will work with what I’m wanting for the end result.  To me, a garden is never done as you have to weed, you may need to move plants to suit the space(s) and the constant adding colour.  From the garden I want to have a sock of flowers that i can cut and use inside the house, a good stock of fresh herbs for culinary purposes, somewhere that can grow raspberries and most of all, a space where you can sit and relax without the feeling of someone being nosey from the surrounding houses!

So, I found this via pintrest and decided to add a little creative flair to mine.  I love having herds to hand for cooking as it just adds another taste level to the dish. From Ebay, I ordered the clay and the letter stamps, the rest I’ve had in the utensil craft box.  I didn’t follow the instructions from start to finish and hence my shapes are different, kind of organic in a way.

Fimo Garden labels
Fimo Garden labels

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