Vacation Milan – Part 3/3

Well here we are. The is the third and final installment from or vacation in Milan.

After the EPIC WIN of the Pearl Jam Concert we had a lazy morning around the apartment and didn’t really get out until midday. Found a few more mozzie bites on me too.

Before we saw anymore sights of Milan, we headed back to Salsamenteria Di Parma for some more of the delicious cold meats and creamy burrata. this time we opted for some wine. We used one of the vouchers that we got from last the last visit for a free lambrusco. It was fizzy red wine with a lovely deep red berry taste. This was great as it was quite refreshing as the days were getting warmer on out wee mini vacation. Don’t worry, I also opted for a sensible bottle of water with lunch!

Lambrusco - fizzy and berry refreshing!
Lambrusco – fizzy and berry refreshing!
Cold meat selection - delicious
Cold meat selection – delicious



The lovely creamy burrata
The lovely creamy burrata

So after this delicious lunch, we wondered along the streets trying to keep in the shade but it was just a tad too hot for us.  Plus Mr C has done something to his foot and was just not enjoyed hobbling along. We decided to just head back to the apartment to rest his foot up and chill.  I managed to get a few photos and got on one of the old trams.

Hello Mr. Statue!
Hello Mr. Statue!
One of Milans Streets
One of Milan’s Streets
One tram
One tram
Nice flower display from one shop window
Casual stop outside shop
Cafe spot.
Cafe spot.
tram two


After chilling out we didn’t need to go that far for dinner as it was just a five-minute walk from our apartment.  We’ve definitely been lucky with the weather and the food here in Milan and tonight’s meal was no exception.

Our choice was Osteria Qui de Noi and oddly it was very quiet.  We were later told that locals go out of Milan during the summer at weekends, hence the ease to get a table.  The food was divine,  here is what we had:

Mussels in a lovely garlic wine sauce
Mussels in a lovely garlic wine sauce
Ravioli - i can't remeber what kind but really enjoyed every bite!
Ravioli – i can’t remeber what kind but really enjoyed every bite!


Veal and it was MASSIVE
Veal and it was MASSIVE


We had a lovely wine that was well paired with each dish:

GAVI: San Pietro


The interior of the restaurant was stripped back to the original brick work.  The Owner took the time to chat to us about how they did it , about the food and how we found his place.  Do go if you are in Milan, it’s recommended on both tripadvisor and Yelp! and I can vouch that’s its fabulous 🙂

Well that’s us I’m afraid to say.  I know there was a few things we missed out that if we were to go back to Milano I would make sure we would do.

1) Santa Maria della Grazie – Make sure you book this well in advance as you won’t get to see it!  Book before you go, at least 3 months ahead!!

2) Eat a Panzerotto from Luini – Apparently not to be missed!

3) Go to  Milan’s Monumental Cemetery – great photo opportunity.

and  4) go back to the canal area and go and see the nearby Columns of San Lorenzo,

Plus just explore more (Will note not to go in Summer tho)!  Nice but just too hot to really explore!


Hope you have enjoyed the three installments as much as I have writing them xx


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