The Garden: Update 13.07.14

Before the far border on the right was full of peonies, geraniums, hellebores and other amazing plants … now it looks rather sad and you are probably wondering what happened to all these wonderful delights of colour.   Fear not, there are being stored under our gable in poly bags for the moment as we are just about to rip the hedge out on both sides out.  I like the hedge, don’t shoot me yet but in order to up keep it we have to shape it and shear it, which takes time and a little bit of skill.  Plus it’s not straight (it wasn’t me who put it in) and the llyander part isn’t looking that healthy.  So we’ve decided to go for a treated ‘hit and miss’ style fence instead.


But what about the birds?  Well, you see I have a plan.  I have lots of shrubs and a couple of trees, plus a bird table and other routes of temptations to get them back in. So hopefully in a months time there will be a finished garden that will be made for us.  We would love it to be a space to entertain and grow with us.  Designers are now are calling Gardens the “outside room” and rightfully so.  Why waste a vital part of green space? I can’t wait to share the progress and the finished result – so watch up for updates (with the same title as above with a date beside it).


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