Garden Update: Friday 18th July 2014

So it’s been a week since work started.  My Brother has kindly offered to clear the garden in order to get an idea of what we want.

Pizza oven, dining space, grass: real or artificial, vegetable/fruit area, space for that “wanted purchase” suspended egg chair (I’ve seen something like this (below) at Gardening Scotland and sat in it and was like “WOW, LOVE IT”) all come to mind for the garden.

Egg Chair
Egg Chair


Ok the progress – well I’m going to warn you it’s a tad worse for wear with rubble all over the place but it’s going to look worse for wear before it gets better.

What was before ...
What was before …
The updated version!
The updated version!


See my point?

Ok so the shed will be turn around and popped next to the garage allowing a path for maintenance around it (about half a meter).  I’ve ordered a skip and it should arrived on Monday, so Bro can start piling the rubble into it.  I was hoping to keep the circular discs for the dining space but it has so much cement stuck to it that try to get the cement off it just made the slabs break 😦 – oh well back to the drawing board.  So the middle section (where the wooden patio stood) is stones – yep this was under the patio of which was untreated wood (some of which is rotten).  And a metal (possibly rotary line holder) stick is appearing now the patio is cleared.  Mmmm wonder how on earth that’s going to come out.  I’m thinking that will be the work of a small digger …

The Bro also cleared the path between the garage and the boundary. I’m missing the brambles even if the didn’t have any fruit on them.  But bonus I think we have an apple tree and pretty sure its a crab apple but will need some clarification on this one.  Double Bonus, this one is on our side and I’m keeping it.

So that’s the first update … hopefully the hedges will come out soon although I will miss the beautiful white scented flowers on them.

White scented hedge flowers
White scented hedge flowers


But then we would have to maintain the hedge and I feel it’s just too much work for us.  Hence getting a fence seems like the way forward.  I’m planning to get climbers along the fence – honeysuckles, clematis and climbing roses to keep the greenery feel as well as that added privacy!

I’m hoping to upload a plan of the garden so any talented gardeners/landscapers are welcome to give us an tips on what to do with the space.  Even Garden design students are welcome to use this as a project!


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