Garden Update: 28th July 2014

Well the skips full and we will need another one to for the hedge coming out from the other side and all the bits of board and wood the was in between the actual hedge.

The first skip full
The first skip full

The garden looks a bit on the unsightly side at the moment (hence not really wanting to show it off in photos)!  Half the hedge that was dug out remains on the ground as the skip is full.  We are going to have to get a chipper to get more hedge in to the skip and the other bits that we won’t be using.

I’m eager to have it finished now and get the friends round for an “opening ceremony”, but I’m think this won’t be until late September or next Summer (all Scottish weather permitting)!

Mean while I have a few ideas for the dining/rotary airer, herb area space.  Yesterday I caught a gardening programme “Love your Garden with Alan Titchmarch” and the had a novel way of turning a couple of pallets into a table with a slot for plants.  I found some via pintrest too.  I like this look/design with the blue distressed look – I love this teal colour.  And then I spotted this high table – perfect bar height!

Meanwhile the plants in pots are still flourishing and the hanging basket is very pink.

We’ve decided to with real grass as artificial is just not in the budget.  I don’t mind cutting the grass as long as it doesn’t get weedy as it is just now.  We will end up with just over double of what we have at the moment.  Thinking of a row of beech to add a little more texture between the dining and grass area.  But we will see.  I just love the bronze and green leaves it produces and reckon it can offer some shade and shelter for some plants.

Talking of plants … I was at the Newhall Garden, which is located at the foot of the Pentlands.  The garden was full of ideas and I’m envious of the fig tree and raspberry bushes.  I’ll speak about this in another blog post as i think it deserves a post to itself!

After Newhall, we stop at the Secret Herb Garden, but were too late for a coffee at the coffee machine was just switched off!  But it didn’t stop me buying some wild strawberry plants and some wild basil!  OOPS!

Back to furniture again.  I spotted this outdoor day bed on a TV channel and was like – “oh yes” but now I’m in between this and the egg chair – help me decide please!

Egg Chair
Egg Chair
Day bed B
Day bed B
day bed  A
day bed A\

Question is … how do we store in typical scottish weather?

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