Garden Update: 15th August 2014

Well it’s been at least a couple of weeks since the last update and the garden has taken yet another traumatic beating.  We hired a digger from the local hire company which did the job of clearing the roots from the hedge (privet and leylandii) on one side and shifting the shed round which now takes place next to the garage.  This has now left us with a larger paved area for more vegetable and fruit boxes and a nice bench to look at the fruits of our labour!

The building site
The building site


Dad busy with the digger trying to level the slope out.
Dad busy with the digger trying to level the slope out.


Instead of using a wood chipper, Dad decided to burn the hedge roots – I was a little nervous to what the neighbours would do or say!

One problem when didn't plan on having.
One problem when didn’t plan on having.

It looks like the previous hose owners decided to have a foundation for a building – The digger just couldn’t shift it so we are using a drill to take it away, which is going to be a long shot.  It goes quite deep too, as you can see.  The paving bricks that were at the top can be cleaned up and reused for something.

I’m missing the garden so much now but I know once it’s all finished it’s going to look great.  The shed is turn around now and is now using the space what was between the garage and the shed itself which was wasted.  We’ve allowed a small gap for maintenance between the garage and shed though.

The shed in it’s new home

I’ll give you a quick recap of before and now …



NOW! Traumatic – yes!??

Yesterday we got the delivery of the fence posts so they will go in this week coming and the fence will go up by the end of next week.  I’m hoping the weather will behave and we will have less of this wet weather as the garden will be one messy. muddy patchy if the warning below does pour down on us!

Weather warning!
Weather warning!



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