Planting arrangements

Well you know from my last post that the garden is getting re-arranged and most of the plants have been dug out and are camping out under the gable in poly bags.

Poly bag plant galore and there's more round the front of the house in pots!!
Poly bag plant galore and there’s more round the front of the house in pots!!

The task of planning where I’m going to put them once we’ve rotavated and put new grass down is huge.  As well as the original stock of plants I’ve since been adding to my collection.  I’ve been very selective though as I want a lot of perennials as you get them year after year and in the long run that works out spending less pennies than annuals, which just are experienced once.

I’ve just bought two blueberry bushes along with a bag of ericious compost and I’ll be using one of the big pots to plant them in once the plants in those are in the ground.  As well as these I’ve got magnolias to plant and was thinking of putting them along the fence with a climbing rose and a clematis.  We’ve had to chop down the montana and the fuchsia to access the old fence and put a new one in, but these will grow back as I’ve chopped them back before and had no problems.

The marvellous scented Montana Clematis
The marvellous scented Montana Clematis

Contorted witch hazel is being added to my list of plants to buy.  But I’ll be taking cuttings of my lavender stock to establish a small lavender hedge.  unfortunately I lost a few of the small spring iris “George” bulbs and snowdrops which were at the back so they are on the list when I head to Kevock Garden, which is just up the road.  On the local note, I’ve purchased a lot of new herbs from the Secret Herb Garden, including Wild Strawberry Plants which will apparently go a bit mad.

The idea of having a flower cutting garden is high on my list.   From seeds I grew sunflowers, sweet peas, cosmos, scabious, gladioli and cornflowers to get an idea of what would work.  Some of our garden pest i.e snails and slug decided to snack on the cornflowers and another seedling so we are back at square one and the sunflowers really haven’t shown any flowers.  I think i will start them on earlier next year and hopefully will get a better result.

Beautiful Hydrangea – another on the “wanted plants” list
Sweet peas are just a delight for a cut flower – especially high scented ones!
Blue Cornflowers – these I got from the council sale!
Cut Flowers in a vase – something i want to get good at!

Raspberry bushes, blackberries and at least one or two fruit trees are on the list too.

This year the courgette plants haven’t really set off well.  I grew them from seed and although they have grown they haven’t produce any fruit.  I’ve seen two flowers on one of the plants.  I wondering if the pests have anything to with the lack of courgettes or if it’s the growbags.  Last year they were in pots and did quite well.  We’ve had a good yield of tatties though – that’s one plus against the courgette dilemma.


There are still coming!
There are still coming!

That’s the first installment of plant talk, there will be more!


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