It’s almost there: Garden Update, Sunday 14th September 2014

It’s been a long haul so far as much hard landscaping was needed to prep the large area for a new lawn and a patio area.  As some of you may recall the hideously bad design we inherited when we bought the house (and I dreamed of ripping it out, let me tell you).

Since getting the digger in, we’ve found that the previous owners wanted to build a small office and had left a hefty foundation that we had to lift out.  The fence is looking great and will be covered in rambling roses, clematis, honeysuckles and other climbers.  It allows so much light in and I’ve added two insect boxes to invite bees, ladybirds and lacewings into the garden. The garden wasn’t bad but I felt restricted with planting arrangements and the flow wasn’t well … flowing for me.

An additional double gate at the front end of the gable has now been erected.  The provides a sheltered spot from the rain if I need to do any potting up.  It’s good as it gives extra security to the back area.  I usually park the car under the gable when the winter frosts and snow begin but there is no room for that at the moment!

What was before ...
What was before …

Not only insects will have an open invitation, birds will be too.  Investing in a couple of bird boxes will be on the list of “Things to be added soon”.

Recently I’ve fallen in love with grasses, in particular bronze coloured ones that make a rustle in the wind.  Not only can the provide an instant hedge, they can give so much texture too.

The weekend, Homebase has been my subject of inspiration where I picked eight  (yes 8!!) bags of farmyard manure as well as a buddha head and a bronze hare.  Plants were added to the trolley too – a grass and yellow coneflower.

The fence is up!
The new fence is up!

Earlier on in the week (Tuesday), we (Mum, Aunt and I) went to a small nursery just outside Haddington.  Lots of stock to choose from and we all went a little crazy!  The cats were cute too and I’m not really a cat person but found myself falling for the wee black and white one,  I dare say there was something in the air!

Monday we visited The Secret Herb Garden and on the way back home we found Damhead Nursery – Yes more plants and the car was so full by this point!

Damhead Nursery
Damhead Nursery

My plant stock is growing but i intend to grow some by seed too.  My favourites are sweet peas by far.  Not only a great cut flower but a fragrant one at that and like the snowdrops reminds me of my Gran, who loved both, as do I.

After the fence went in and the ground levelled out we started building the border beds with the wood from the wooden patio. It’s such a good feeling when you re-use something instead of chucking it!  We will be giving the archway a new lease of life with a couple of new slats and a lick of paint.  I planning to put this between the to large boxes at the start of the garden with the wisteria growing over it.

When I get back from California the turf should be down and the archway up as well as the manure in the beds.  Once this is done the I can start on planing what plants go where! Oh decisions, decisions!


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