It was a tough decision.

But I’m happy with it.

I’m talking but the business – Mrs C’s Cakes and how I came about the decision I did.


Firstly I’d just like to thank these lovely people actually bought a cake.  So many of you gave me great feedback, saying how yummy and tasty they were as well as spreading the word of mouth for the business through social media (Facebook, twitter etc) and the power of the voice.

I’m guessing some of you are saying “WHY??”

I love baking so it’s nothing to do with that element.

Summer's Cake: Coconut & Lime
Summer’s Cake: Coconut & Lime

The kitchen has just PASSED the Hygiene check by EHO standards, so it wasn’t that aspect of it either!

Perfect with  a dollop of honey: Orange & Chocolate Loaf
Perfect with a dollop of honey: Orange & Chocolate Loaf

It’s just not that viable with the amount of cakes I’m actually selling.  Believe me I’ve went round new cafés during the summer trying to get new clients and none were really biting.  All said they really liked the cakes, so not sure why they were holding back.  Plus now there is just too many people under cutting prices and or cafés are deciding to do in-house bakery.  I get the bit about the in-house bakery – it’s a way for cafés to make a name for themselves and save on some costs etc, etc.  It’s the under cutting me that is the real problem.  And that phrase of when the customer says ” I can get it cheaper somewhere else”.  OK you can get it from somewhere else cheaper but I need to pay for the my bills and this is my wages!

That’s enough of that.  I’m not going to jump on the soap box and moan about this, that and the other.

The reason was clear and in bright neon lights too: NOT VIABLE ANYMORE.

That holiday in California really helped put things in perspective (of which I blog about, don’t worry!).  Then it was chatting for a few people and it just clicked then and there, it was only a week ago that everything clarified after that conversation.

These Date & Walnut Slices  are popular I tell you!
These Date & Walnut Slices are popular I tell you!

Of course I’ll miss it.  But this won’t stop me baking, oh no.  I’ll still bake because I love to bake, just not for a living.

The business I met, with the people – you’ve all been fantastic.  Not the apron is hung up on the business and I have a another adventure to find … It’s clear I have no idea of what I want to do except to be a creative one! HA!

The delicious Chocolate & Almond Cake
The delicious Chocolate & Almond Cake

Putting a business to sleep is like a break up, it’s hard at first but the lessons you learn will benefit you in life experience to come.  I’m not bitter, which is weird because I thought I would be.  I’m shrugging my shoulders and keeping the mind clear.  I feel free from the worry and the pressure of owning a business.  I’m walking away at the right time.

Fruity Loaf and so tasty!
Fruity Loaf and so tasty!

Thanks to all who have supported me, especially Mr C (you have been a gem & a rock!).

Hope you’ve enjoyed the wee gallery of cakes xx

Apron's up for Mrs C's Cakes x
Apron’s up for Mrs C’s Cakes x



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