Resolutions for 2015

As many of us prepare for the festivities of this year ending and another one starting, a lot of us try to make resolutions for the year ahead.

Some of us keep them, some break them.  I’m one of these that break em’ I have to say.  I see the point in trying to make the goal but it does have high expectations and often leaves me feeling annoyed at myself for not completing them.

2015 is going to be a year of new (and I hope exciting) starts.  I’ll be looking for employment after the ceasing of Mrs C’s Cakes.  Being a bit mixed about it as it’s getting back to what is the unknown and interviews.  I’ll still do baking and cooking but just for myself, friends and family. I’ve decided I must try something new from the countless recipe books that I’ve accumulated over the years!  I’ll share them on here (of course) and will set a target of at least once a month (I’m holding myself to this one!).

Wild Garlic Pesto (a new thing discovered and relished this year) :)
Wild Garlic Pesto (a new thing discovered and relished this year) 🙂

Come spring, the garden will be starting to buzz with life and spring bulbs and i will be able to start on the vegetable patch by sowing seeds and planning where the rest of the plants are going to go that I’ve not managed to plant prior to winter starting.

Sweet Peas are a must in the garden!
Sweet Peas are a must in the garden!

The house itself needs de-cluttering, so I will be going through things that have been forgotten, getting rid and making space. I’m going to be ruthless, I have to be!  The hall has been screaming for a paint since we moved in 5+ years ago so that’s on the agenda too.

So with resolutions being set  (it’s more a list with check boxes in my case!) that’s mine.  I’ll have goals as well (losing weight plus christmas weight is one of them!) but I don’t see them a resolutions.

For 2015, I want to have fun, feel relaxed and just go with the flow.  That’s it.

I hope you have a great time tonight, but be safe!

Happy New Year when it comes! xx


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