Potting about on …

Pintrest for some inspiration for my Pottery class which starts the next week.  Although the description (below) is quite brief, I’ve decided to come up with some inspiration to take along to the class with me.

“Initially a project based course suitable for all levels. Beginners will be guided through the fundamental clay making processes such as hand building techniques including pinch pots, slab pots and coil pots, as well as learning how to throw on the Potter’s wheel. For the more advanced the tutor will assist to facilitate your progress through the various learning techniques. There may be additional charges for materials.”

Who knows I may be able to come out with my own take on something I’ve seen on this social media site of ideas.

My Gran did this many moons ago and I’m so chuffed I’ve inherited this piece.   I had to do a little fitting with glue as the tree on the right got knocked in removal.  Thank heavens for super glue!

the little cottage
the little cottage

Although the brief mentions pots a lot, I’m hoping we can move past this quickly and do something creative – just hoping!

Dress-making starts next week too although thinking I will just go along and see what the tutor ask us what to bring!

********                **********                 ***********                *************              *******              *********

Disclaimer: All views are my own.  Photographs are my own – please ask for permission if you want to use them!


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