The January Recipe

We all want to warm up in January. Casseroles and goulashes are two of my favourite dinners to make (and eat) at home. To me they are convenient to make.

I’ve never attempted dumplings before. Why not, you say. My answer is I’ve never been inclined to make them nor really had interest in them.

My reason to try making them and adding another new thing to my list is to soak up the gravy in the beef casserole. The recipe that I took inspiration from was James Martin’s ones from Saturday Kitchen. It looked straight forward and easy to follow for the casserole part (I’ve done quite a few of these and juggle between the casserole dish and the slow cooker – both have equally good results), mind you there are quite a few ingredients but for most part, I had them in the store cupboard. Once I had conquered the casserole and plonked it in the oven for 2 hours, I tackled the dumplings.

Dumpling mix
Turning into a dough!
The Balls

Wow. Why the heck have I not tried to make this before? They are so easy to assemble. They take no time at all to roll up into balls and set aside until the casserole is tender. ERM … fact is that I discovered I used bicarbonate of soda instead of the baking powder due to being really tired that day and not checking the similarities on both labels!!! Hence the slightly weird taste! But they still rose. I’m guessing they would rise even more if I had used the baking powder!! I would also allow more time to make this as it does take 2 hours in the oven. And I would prep all the ingredients before I started browning the meat off … Stupid tiredness!!

20 mins and dumplings are cooked!

I will try this again. Making the gravy less thick also will be in the notes! It’s a very nice warming dish for these winter evenings.

Served with mash potato

Disclaimer: All images on this post are owned by myself. Please seek permission to use them. I choose this recipe myself and in no way was sponsored by any other party.



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