Before I leave it too long …

Managed to catch myself out of leaving the blog alone of recent.  Lots of things happening!

Firstly I’ve been upped to Event Organiser of a photography group.  Bit scary as although we don’t have any responsibly of any other person while on these events, you kinda do feel some sort of responsibility but that’s my take on being caring – sometimes seen as a weakness as I sometimes bend over backwards too often.  Anyways I’ve been planning future MeetUps which have a theme of photography and a little exercise!   Plus another positive would be exploring my local and surrounding areas, which most of us take for granted and pass everyday without really knowing that they existed.  This would include revisiting places too that I would like to introduce to others and maybe get a fresh eye for photographing.  It would take on a social aspect too as I am a bit of a social butterfly from time to time (I have to admit that!!).

My first MeetUp event for this group was at Colinton Dells.  We met at Colinton Kirk and wondered through Colinton Dells to stop off for a coffee break at the Water of Leith Visitor Centre. Then climbed up the steps to the Union Canal and walked back along the old railway to Colinton Kirk.  In all we covered just over 4 miles and captured some lovely shots on our cameras. Most of us share the photos in the event albums and comment on them too.

Here’s a few of mine …

EMMA  (5 of 6) EMMA cc (1 of 4) EMMA cc (2 of 4) EMMA cc (3 of 4) EMMA cc (4 of 4)On Tuesday nights I’ve been attending a dressmaking course to gain some more skills in the sewing department.  I’ve now gained a few more patterns (the cloth shop currently have a sale on new look and McCall’s Patterns until the end of Feb 2015) and more fabric (no thanks to their sale and remnants of recent!!).

The beginnings of a sleeve with bias binding!
The beginnings of a sleeve with bias binding!

Above is the sleeve.  This is for the dress I’ll be making from the Colette pattern.  For the bias binding I’m using fabric that has a purple hydrangea pattern.  I’ll be adding a belt with the same fabric to jazz the dark purple fabric up.  Purple is one of my favourite colours. Both fabrics were purchased from The Cloth Shop in the sale.  I managed to finish the bias binding at home, with no problems – teacher at the course is amazing (very good at explaining things!).

I keep meaning to take photos of my pottery creations at the course but usually when I remember my hands are covered in clay and I’m in the midst of adding something to another creation!  I will try to get a few photos next week and share!

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