Something new for me!

With my photography group I was really lucky to have this opportunity to get images with fellow members at the National Museum of Scotland on Chamber Street today for the Edinburgh Iranian Festival.

One of our members arranged for nearly thirty of us to take photos of the fashion show that had contemporary fashion pieces by several Iranian designers.

The pieces were all stunning. Every designer used different methods in their designs.  Particular garments I just fell in love with as the fabric shimmered with the natural light from the ceiling windows of the Grand Hall.

Here is just a small handful of images that I took today.  I’m just so happy I didn’t have to use flash.  One model in particular was great, she just oozed confidence and was really the only one to stop and really look to the cameras!

Designed by Zarir
Designed by Zarir
Great model!
Great model!
Designed by Nagmeh Kiumarsi
Designed by Nagmeh Kiumarsi
Designed by Kourosh Gharbi

Before the fashion show started, there was music by Azadeh. Her voice was truly enchanting as she sang in Persian.  She had a lovely smile too!


The show was a collaboration between Edinburgh Iranian Festival and Alangoo. supports indie/underground artisans and designers who hand make or independently design jewellery, accessories and clothing by giving them a platform both online and offline to showcase and sell their work on a global scale.

Edinburgh-based artist, Jessica Howarth was also at the show.  Her pieces are often inspired by far away places on her travels, one being Iran.

You can see all the designs by the artists & designers at under Edinburgh Iranian Festival.


  1. Hi Emma

    Thank you for your post and for taking interest in the Iranian Fedtival.

    Would it be possible for you to email us your photos and clips ?

    We will credit you of course.

    Edinburgh Iranian Festival Director

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