My next few sewing projects …

Now here’s a thing.  Since going on this Adult Education course for Dress-making I’ve been collecting patterns and making use of the 1/2 price offers, (McCalls are 1/2 price and New Look are £2.95 until the end of Febraury).  Why pay more?

On this post, I would like to share with you the next few projects that I’ve planned and the patterns already collected.  I’m sure I will be fighting with myself which one I really want to do first pretty soon.  Recently I’ve been saving lots of pins on Pinterest regarding patterns and sewing (including lots of ones on sewing tips) to add to my ever song long list of crafty ideas!

Just a few patterns!
Just a few patterns!

I’m still working on the pattern below at class and hope to remember all of the skills I’ve pick up so i can transfer them on to the next few projects.  I’m also considering to sign up to the next block as I’ve really enjoyed it and it would help with carrying on building my confidence and skills.

Nearly finished this one!

Yesterday I bought “Sew: Home & Style” Magazine and it came with this pattern.  It comes in my size and it’s a project that I’ve been recently researching on the internet: the on trend, kimono.  The big PLUS – it looks super easy!  As you can see, the pattern also includes a cute top too – defo going to try both for the summer.  I’ve no fabric for this project (shock-horror!!) but I think it should be kept light for these summer days that we so often have here in Scotland (when we are VERY lucky!!).

Top trend: the kimono
Top trend: the kimono

Next is a skirt that I hope to get right this time (I had a disaster with a corduroy one ages ago and haven’t looked at it since 😦 – too scared).  I spotted this fabric from John lewis and it was reduced too.  It’s bright and could be matched with a plain top, possibly from using the pattern above for a top.

Going to go with B for length.
What colour of top to go for? Oh the choices!

Another project that I’ve lined up is McCalls 6605 pattern and a very nice Liberty fabric.   This pattern has so many variations that I could try.

It’s says it’s easy, i do hope it is!
The wonderful Liberty fabric that I got in the Remnants!
The wonderful Liberty fabric that I got in the Remnants!

After these, I’m going to try this coat (see below).  I haven’t got the fabric yet and still deciding on which colour to choose and if to go for a hood and/or fake fur collar (oh the choices!).  It’s another pattern by McCalls (M6800).

Love this coat! That wine colour or navy?

You see the internet has a lot to answer for as it gives me so much inspiration it’s hard to know where to start at!


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