Night Out: February

Mr C and I went out to celebrate with friends for a friends’ Birthday last night.  It was a great night but at a nice chilled out pace at that (we are getting old ha ha).  Not only great company but it was great to try something new.  The Jolly Botanist, Chop Chop and Lebowskis were all new places for me and all on Morrison Street, West End, Edinburgh.

Ready to Rock!
Ready to Rock!

I’m quite chuffed that we got invited along from the Birthday Girl and were introduced to Chop Chop as I’ve never tried there before but yet heard great things about the dumplings.  These whispers were not wrong, the dumplings were lovely, fried or boiled.  The sticky ribs were pretty darn good too as were the crispy squid. The service was quick and polite, although I’m sure we got a couple of extra dishes we didn’t ask for in the confusion.  Don’t think I’ve finished with Chop Chop yet as I would like to go back again and I have noted this to Mr C!

I'm the year of the monkey :)
I’m the year of the monkey 🙂

Before we arrived at Chop Chop, we were a little early so decided to try The Jolly Botanist.  It was quite busy, but that’s a Saturday night in a central Edinburgh bar for you, so can’t complain.  Can’t quite remember what this was this before, but I like the exposed iron support beams and the rough finish to the walls.  We were lucky in the sense of timing for a seat and then Mr C queued at the bar for the drinks.  I noted table service but no waitress took our order nor asked if we were being served, so don’t know what the deal is there.  It’s quite pricey at 2 drinks for £10.10 (Sauvignon Blanc & ale), so wouldn’t be an all night stop for a group on a budget.  Still I enjoyed the wine and company of Mr C before our meal at Chop Chop.

Busy bar at The Jolly Botanist"
Busy bar at The Jolly Botanist”

After Chop Chop, a few of us headed to Lebowskis for post dinner drinks and had a chin wag.  It was nice to catch up with the girls although at the end I noticed the music was ever so louder and was hard to listen to conversation.  Good music though, brings back memories of my younger years!  At Lebowskis I opted for a white russian as I was told or heard from a source (and can’t remember who) that they were good.  It’s not a typical drink for me but I did enjoy it.

All finished: White Russian :D
All finished: White Russian 😀

All in all, a good night without being hung over in the morning!  I hope the Birthday Lady enjoys her actual birthday tomorrow and had a good night last night. Cheers!


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