How sweet is it be a Sweet Pea!

From an early age, I can always remember my Granny having and abundance of sweet peas in her garden and then having several vases of them placed around the house.  “The more you cut, the more they flower” is so true.  To this day, in honour of my Gran’s memory I plant them.  Sometimes I go for the lazy option and buy them from a garden shop and sometimes I sow them from seed, either way every little petal makes me smile!


I’ve chosen four packets of seeds and mixed them all together, left them overnight to soak in water, (that’s what the instructions told me!) then sown them.  All 96 seeds.16946534669_b5548776c2_k 17131154412_4fee67f786_z

As you can see I used decomposing pots to avoid root disturbance.  I put 3 seeds to a pot until I planted most of the seeds and ran out of these pots!


Now all I have to do is wait!  Oh great, another 14 days … until little seedlings emerge!  Well, I hope they germinate as I’m truly looking forward to delightful blooms of scent!

16947711957_a585cd2196_z 16967571730_3bb0349000_b


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