Skirting it

With Simplicity’s Easy to Sew 2224 pattern, I’ve now completed another garment that I can wear!  This is my second one which I’ve worked on with guidance from the teacher (different teacher) at Evening class.  It’s been a hell of a lot easier than the Dahlia dress that I completed the last term.

Simplicity's 2224 Skirt
Simplicity’s 2224 Skirt
As I had a lot of the Hydrangea fabric left over from the Dahlia, it was almost lit in lights that I had to use it for this project, plus it’s flowery and summery.  I’m not a big skirt wearer, but this should change that.  I left the ties and the button holes out from the pattern, but now on hindsight I should have put them in to just finish it off.  Plus I can’t really tell what’s the front and what’s the back – ha ha!

I think I will use this 2224 pattern again as I like the drawstring trousers and would like to try another skirt or two.

As for this next project, I’m thinking a top.  I have the McCall’s M6605 pattern and I’m thinking B for the top and I’ll be using Liberty’s Mauverina Tana Lawn Fabric.

It's says it easy, i do hope it is!
McCall’s M6605

Mauverina Tana Lawn
Mauverina Tana Lawn
But for now I shall leave you with Piccies of me in my 2224 skirt!

sew-blog- sew-blog-2

It was a bit breezy today – flipping freezing!

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