Craft: Pottering about …

Lately, I’ve been attending pottery classes at the local school and really enjoying creating many things that I can used back at home.

I’m still getting ideas, but time is running out to make them as it’s coming up to the end of the 10-week block.  I hope I can come back next term to make them as I’ve really enjoyed the experience.  It’s quite therapeutic and chilling.

So far I’ve made two rabbits, thrown two pots on the wheel, an owl which houses a tea light, a “delicious” plate, a house number,

At the latest class, I’ve been trying to smooth things of ready for the first fire and glazing others ready for the final fire, ready to bring home.  Hoping that all be ready to bring home in the next couple of weeks.  I’ve made plant labels for the vegetables and herbs I’ve got the garden, drink coasters with “drink me” on them, “please shut the gates” sign, a couple more bowls and a butter dish (I need to make a lid for it though!), another dish (for my jewellery, me thinks) … I’m missing something, I’m sure :D.

The bunny in the featured image is finished and in the garden with a brown glaze on him.  Quite chuffed with him and he gets attention once people spot him!

Some of the creations, before and after.
Some of the creations, before and after.

I’m itching to get a few other projects started as I’ve sketched a few things out!  Think I’m going to have to wait!

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