In the Garden: Extending to house the crops with a helping hand from Dad.

Ever get that feeling you are running out of space in the garden?  I do and I am.  Luckily my Dad is on had when it comes to DIY and making things or fixing things – I actually would be really lost without him!

The past couple of weeks he has been around making up the greenhouse in windy conditions, which was kinda fun and difficult at the same time as the panels are made out of polycarbonate.  Ok, it’s virtually unbreakable but you almost take off with it if a gust of wind comes along!

Full house!
Full house!

Dad attached the water butt a few days later.  It’s going to be interesting to see how much rain collects in it over the summer.

I’ve managed to house all the seedlings/plants that were grown from seed, plus the tomato plants and seedlings that I’ve bought online in the greenhouse.  I’m really (it’s super duper!!) impressed with the automatic vent opener that opens the window when it gets too hot in the greenhouse.

Dad and I agreed that we need to extend the growing boxes.  So we went sideways along the wee brick wall.  We used some of the leftover wood from the fence and a pallet (being thrifty again!) for the ends.  Dad did most of the hard labour.  Now we just need to get some more screws to finish it off and add a raised floor as we really don’t need it too deep.  Once that’s done I can paint it and plant it up.  For now I’ll be planting up the plastic pots.  I’ve used them in previous years for vegetables (peas, courgettes, runner beans, and broad beans) and they’ve worked a treat.

Extension of the crop fields!
Extension of the crop fields!

I’m hoping Dad will be back to saw a couple of pallets in half for another thrifty project I have in mind.


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