Sewing: Dormant but not forgotton.

For the last month (at least) the sewing machine has sat dormant waiting on the next project. It hasn’t stopped me from purchasing fabric – oh no, it certainly has not stopped me at all …

Lately I popped in to The Cloth Shop on Bonnington Road just to have a wee look (funny that, it’s actually never “just a wee look”) and there I noticed at the time that there was a half price offer on Butterick patterns (it doesn’t take much to sway me). So I spotted the offer on the patterns and before you know it the next thing that happens is that you will almost certainly find me flicking through the pattern catalogue looking for a pattern that I would like to try.

The slope is getting pretty slippery, right.  Got the pattern, now to get the fabric, button, correct interfacing and thread.

Fabric.  I see the Liberty stand and start eyeing up the lovely cotton floral fabric.  The oooh’s, ahh’s and god knows how many more vowel triggered sounds come from my mind (I’m trying not to get too excited and frighten off the staff, who are always helpful nevermind the other customers!).  I settle for one fabric from the stand then I spot the remnant basket exclusively for Liberty fabrics and I swear fireworks went off (or maybe that was all in my head?).  Did I settle for one fabric? Hell no, I picked up another from the remnant basket, which again another floral but slightly different.

Liberty Fabrics
Liberty Fabrics

Got a lovely wee button for the main fabric as well as simple white thread but no interfacing as the one that I was after was out of stock and didn’t want to go with black as I feared it would show through.  They did have the non-iron on interfacing in white, but I do prefer the iron on for ease and I’m used to it, so it just means I have to go back (oh no!).  I’ll probably get extra interfacing and the button for the other (remnant) fabric whilst I’m there to do a similar top only without the sleeves.

So for Top B I’m using the Bluebell (larger print) Fabric with the blue button.  This will be my first top out of this pattern, I’m not too sure how easy I’m going to find doing sleeves.

Top B, White thread and tiny weeny blue button with bluebell fabric.
Top B, White thread and tiny weeny blue button with bluebell fabric.

For Top A, this lovely rose fabric.

Maybe with more white thread and a wee pink button for Top A.
Maybe with a white thread and a wee pink button for Top A.

So all I need to start is to cut out the pattern … on that note I’ll check back with you Ladies & Gents and say in the meantime that this is “work in progress“!


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