Food&Drink: Saturday Sangria

It’s a little annoying the weather has decided to cool down and go all bad moody on us here in Scotland. But that shouldn’t dampen our spirits, hell no.

Since we had to kinda call off the BBQ official I still wanted to try out the sangria recipe I found online.

It’s pretty easy to follow and I adapted it to taste. I also added a large dash of cherry liquor to the second batch and used a mix of garden mint, spearmint, strawberry mint and peppermint. I’m intrigued to try it with Cointreau or brandy on top of the main ingredients.

I used a full cup as a measurement. The recipe below is adapted from the original:


1/2Β large orange cut into slices

1/2 lemon cut into slices

A good handful of garden mint, crushed

Ice – about 2-3 handfuls

A dry yet full bodied Red wine but I used a Chianti x 3 cups

A couple of shots full of cherry liquor or as much as you like!

Lemonade x 2 cups

Orange Juice x 2 cups


Add the lemon, mint and orange, then the 2 handfuls of ice. Follow up with all the liquid and fill up your glasses and say cheers!


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