Travel: Berlining – May 2015

Now this isn’t my first trip to this wonderful city and I doubt it will be my last.

I come here more to see my in-laws than do the touristy things, but it’s nice to see the area that you are in.

Previous trips I’ve visited the Jewish Museum in which I would say is a must but be warned it really plays with the emotions. Another haunting is the sheer scale of a giant field of stelae – 2711 sarcophagus-like concrete slabs of the Holocaust Memorial.

Walk along where the wall used to be, it’s hard to imagine that there used to be such to separate people inside the city.  Just a few meters from Checkpoint Charlie there is an exhibition about the wall.

If you like museums, wonder around and inside the museums on Museumplein. I’m not one for doing museum after museum as Mr C only knows too well!  I can do one but require a break in the form of something sweet with a refreshment afterwards, but that’s it! Talking of which, there is a cafe inside one of the museums that sells wonderful looking slices of cakes (I had to use their facilities and had to catch up with the rest of the group, so no time for cake on this occasion – boo hiss!).

We had a really good steak at Steakhouse Asador. The weather was well-behaved so luckily we managed to get the last table which was outside.

Another eat and it was my first experience of the Currywurst. I think I was expecting more of a curry sauce rather than curry sprinkled on top of sauce. It was nice, definitely an experience you have to try much like Dutch mayonnaise and fries.

Mr C and I went off and did our thing on Saturday. We wondered around the old Jewish quarter and found pretty little shops and artist open studio as well as an open air cinema. Mr C has his head measured and bought a lovely new hat which has some silk sewn in with the tweed. I popped into the nearby chocolate but came out empty handed which to me was a shock (personally I’m blaming the pollen as it seemed to be setting off my hay fever and it’s not the first time Berlin has done this to me in May!).

On Sunday, we went round to Mr C’s Brothers’ new house outside of the city for a BBQ. We had proper German sausages, lamb chops, pork kebabs and salads which were all delicious but then came the cake made by A (sister in law), which was very very nice. I will be asking A to do that again for sure! After the meal, me and Mr C has shots on the trampoline with our Niece, which was fun but by gee it was knackering!

The four days went so fast, but I think everyone enjoyed themselves. I went with Mr C, my Mum, Dad and my Aunty and met up with my Brother who had been travelling through Europe from Asia.

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