Can’t believe it’s been …

Six years already! Six Years married, but we’ve been together as a couple for nearly thirteen. Where has the time gone?

I can remember having a happy but nervous bubble at the door of my parents house before we left for the wedding venue like it was yesterday. Having to wait until my Mum reach the venue as she had to stop for cash to pay someone (how last-minute! 😀 ) and almost having another freak out driving down the drive to the “Altar”- there was a few deep breaths to control myself.

It was a great day. It rained just before we arrived at the venue and then the sun came out in all its glory. Ken, our Humanist Celebrant, was great as he was so calm and kept us right through the vows. The Marlene, Hugh and staff at put on a delicious spread for the Wedding Breakfast. I can’t thank Marlene & Hugh enough for sharing their home and grounds for our big day.

The day turned into the night without any massive hitches and will forever be close to my heart.

The past six years with Mr C has been a blast. I can’t be more thankful that I have such a strong, patient and loving man.

Happy Memories
Happy Memories


And more ...
And more …


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