Food&Drink: Five of my favourite coffee shops

As you may know I like coffee, like A LOT.  So it goes to say that I go and seek out good coffee in and around Edinburgh.

Here are my top 5 and they are in no particular order as the all have quirks that make me smile:


Fortitude Coffee, 3C York Place, Edinburgh

It’s certainly the Flat Whites that keep me coming back to this place along with their yummy cakes.

Project Coffee, 196 Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgh

The scones win every time – they are big, oh so light and come with cream & jam.  The flat white is also a mastermind.  They have a little sister, Blackwood Coffee is just a 10-minute walk in Morningside.  Both haven’t got any social network pages as of yet.

Scone time at Blackwood's
Scone time at Blackwood’s
Filament Coffee, 38 Clerk Street, Edinburgh

Since moving from their original location on Victoria Street, I haven’t been to visit yet.  But it is long overdue a trip to the new location.  I can remember the Flat White was sensational and the interior was chilled.

Flat White with Pinnies & Poppyseed's Shortbread
Flat White with Pinnies & Poppyseed’s Shortbread
Steampunk Coffee, 49A Kirk Ports, North Berwick, East Lothian

This is worth a trip in itself – it’s right out-of-town and down the east coast.  If I’m In North Berwick this place does not go amiss.  Quite frankly the coffees are outta this world and the cakes are delish!

Castello Coffee, Castle Street, Edinburgh

It’s small, but that doesn’t stop this place from being one of my favourites.  I have to make a mental note to go to the toilet elsewhere before I have a coffee (they have no toilets) but please don’t let that put you off.  It’s really laid back with good amounts of Flat White and yummy Carrot Cake to be had!




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