Food&Drink: Oh crumbs!

I like a good loaf and what’s even better is when I get to create it at home!  But it’s been a while since I kneaded a batch of dough and thought I could do with a recap.

Special Bread Blanket!
Special Bread Blanket!

That’s when I saw that Danielle Ellis was offering bread classes to share her skills that she learned from her time in France while she was training a professional baker.  If there was ever such a better time than this to get reacquainted with dough, then this was it!

The class was small and informal with plenty of time to ask questions and perfect the techniques. If you manage to get the early bird deal, then it’s £40, otherwise its £45. A £5 donation goes to the Real Bread Campaign to allow the organisation to continue to work and raise awareness.  The location for the class is at Loudon’s, Fountainbridge and is well equipped for the size of class

Wow! The amount of bread that we made in these 3hrs30mins is staggering!

We made: Brown & White loaves, Fougasse, Foccacia, Breadsticks and a Sunflower bun. And you get to take it all home!  Mr. C and I are still working our way through it!  I didn’t manage to get a slice of the focaccia, but I’m told it was all good by Mr. C who had it for his lunch and have been told I can make it again!


Although, I was knackered by the end of and slightly dehydrated (I recommend you take a bottle of water!) I enjoyed learning about new loaves of bread and techniques.

We did have a wee break in the middle and Danielle offered us freshly baked apricot or chocolate danish/buns which were lovely!

Keep an eye for more Bread workshops on Edinburgh Foody’s website!

That apricot danish! Oh so good!
That apricot danish! Oh so good!


DISCLAIMER: Danielle aka Edinburgh Foody did not know that I was going to blog about the workshop before it was conducted!

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