Mini Adventures: Glencourse Reservoir

So we did it.  Yes, it’s been on the agenda for a while, but we’ve finally done it.

I’m talking about the walks around and in the Pentlands, just on the outskirts of Edinburgh.

Ok, it was dry to start off with, and then later it began to rain, but it was nice to get out and see something different.  We did get a little wet, but who cares.

Getting a little wet, but all smiles!

Wildflowers were in abundance and all different colours – Buttercups, wild orchids, cows parsley, elderflower, foxgloves and harebells, were just a few of what we saw!

Wild Raspberries
Wild Raspberries
Cow's Parsley
Cow’s Parsley

Not so wild, but we did pass some cattle in a nearby field and some sheep in another.

There is an Information Centre at the Flotterstone Car Park so that you can get a small map of the walks and is open 9:30am-4pm everyday.

Now, which is our next walk?  We aren’t looking to do anything too strenuous as we aren’t that fit at the moment!

The Pentlands
The Pentlands
I finished!
I finished!


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