Free Fringe

On Saturday last, Mr C and I took advantage of the Free Fringe events at The Counting House West Nicolson St, Edinburgh.

We managed to see four shows in all. Three comedies and a one-man play.

Shockingly, I managed to stay awake all afternoon and into the evening. I was up for work (I have a new job – yay!) at 3.30am for a 5 am (woo hoo!).

Anyways, here what we saw at the Free Fringe –

First up, Juliet Myers – “Through the Pigeonhole.”

Flyer for Juliet Meyers
Flyer for Juliet Meyers

Funny. And bizarre. (note: referring to the evil imaginary child).

Next was, Suzanne Lea Shepherd – “Dorothy was never from Kansas.”

"Kansas Gal"
“Kansas Gal”

Again funny in parts, but maybe the least favourite out of the three comedians.

My favourite comedian act was the third, Suzy Bennett – “Gumption!”.


Taking aspects from her life that we can all relate too and turning it into a comical giving it plenty a laugh.

Last but not least, “Bortle 8” performed and written by Chris Davis.  It’s a play with references to sci-fi, astronomy, star trek and Francis Drake – funny and thoughtful.

Counts stars
Counts stars

Disclaimer: These are my opinions – so don’t let them put you off.

Mr C and I managed to get a table in Illegal Jack’s new venue – 45-46 St Patrick Square for dinner.  Mr C had a carnitas burrito and I had a carnitas quesadilla.  Note to self; add cheese as I forgot this time!  Still tasty but I’m going to review it properly after the festival.

Jacks' hub
Jacks’ hub

We went back to the Free Fringe on Sunday afternoon and saw Robin Morgan.  Delightfully funny 30 minutes, where he mentions his debut on BBC Ones’ “Eggheads”.  That all, I’m saying as I don’t want to spoil the fun if you haven’t seen him yet!

The man and his poster ...
The man and his poster …

We then managed to get tickets to see Croft and Pearce’s show.  It’s a show full of quirky sketches. Each sketch was funny and very witty too! I recommend them as one of the paid shows at Teviot House.


I plan to go and see one last free fringe show tomorrow (Wednesday) as Mr C saw it the other week and has mentioned that it is a laugh a minute!

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