Hello September!

Wow.  September is here, the last eight months have gone so fast, I’m pinching myself as it’s hard to believe September is now upon us.

The leaves are starting to turn, and some have begun to fall.  Soon Autumn will be taking hold and the evenings will get darker quicker.  Makes you go all sad as the nights start drawing in quicker (well to me it does, as I’m not quite ready to let go off summer yet).

In Mid September, I’ll be attending a new sewing class and hopefully have a finished garment to show you all, so it’s not all doom and gloom.

I’ll be picking up my camera and taking advantage of the season changes as there are some beautiful colours to take in.  I’ll be sharing my favourite images on here in a post with you all!

click click
click click

We have a trip to Seville in a month to look forward to, and I’ll be chatting about what we found.  I’m looking forward to seeing the architecture of Seville and intrigued to see what foodies delights are on offer there!

Sewing has to start, as it’s lacked the last few months. I’m kicking myself for not starting one of these projects, yet.

I’m so in love with these gardening themed products:

Soon I will have to get out into the garden and getting it ready for winter.  I’m still getting fruit and veg from the food boxes.  We’ve had broad beans, which were super tasty.  I’ll be picking some runner beans and courgettes for dinners this week, which I’m looking forward to.





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