Garden Update: Reaping the rewards!

September already seems to be fading away quickly.   I’m seeing Christmas stock and cards in shops already (sorry to mention that word), thus making me panic to what to get people for this years’ presents.


Enough of the C-word.  Something else bright and cheery is in our garden – our veg pickings. We’ve had the odd crop way back in July (seems like an age away now) with our “Symphony” strawberries and spinach, now we are picking courgettes, berries and lots of broad beans.  The peas and the French beans weren’t much of a success, but there is always next year!  I’m starting to regret not getting seed potatoes in – nothing like digging up homegrown tatties! Again, there is always next year (in other words plan better and get organised!!)

Here’s today’s crop: Blackberries, Raspberries, Courgettes and Broad Beans

Rich pickings!
Rich pickings!

I’m hoping to dig up some beetroot soon and well as pick some more chard & spinach!

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