Wow! There goes two months!

It’s been rather a crazy time in the last few months due to many reasons, few of them being: finding work, starting work, changing job and starting that new job along with fitting in lots of family and friend time by going places!

Don’t get me wrong, I love my new job.  The gang at work (all lovely Ladies) are super duper troopers but rather feel it seems to fill my days especially since it’s getting darker.  I presume this will be less so after Christmas, so really should relish all the overtime I get (which I do!!!). :p

On my days off I’ve been getting up to all sorts, and I did mean to fill you all in what happened in October, but I stupidly didn’t save the post in lost it!  Yes, that was somewhat STUPID, but it’s easily done.

So October was filled in with:

Attending Coco Chocolate’s  “Chocolate Connosier Tasting Evening”, which was full of eating and drinking lots of scrumptious chocolate – If you are or know a chocoholic, this would be a great idea for a present!



We had an excellent meal at the Queens Arms, Frederick Street for a Friends’ Birthday.  I was quite surprised at the food quality.   A top notch Thai Green Curry with Beef follow by delicious cake!


Mr C and I had a lovely little brunch at the Papermill, Lasswade.  It was good, but it still doesn’t top Salt’s in Morningside brunch! NOM!

I was still attending my Sewing Class, and my dresses were coming together, slowly (but coming together!!).  The lovely (and very patient) Lauren at Red Thread Studio is fantastic!  I’m still looking at the hem, which has been pinned for the last couple of weeks – I am aiming to finish the green dress and then starting finishing off the navy dress (if I can remember what to do!).

My Mum and I saw The Bodyguard.  We both thoroughly enjoyed it.

I did yoga for the first time.  Dressed as a superhero.  I’m still thinking of booking up some classes but might have to wait until things (work) calms down.

Mr C and I went to Seville to catch up with his Italian friends.  Seville misbehaved a little with rain, but the food was epic, and so was the company.  I would love to go back as we missed out the Alcazar Gardens 😦 and hopefully see some Flamenco dancers too and a little more sunshine!

The new Border Railway was tested out by the Watt crew.  Mum wanted to go on it for her Birthday, so we made an afternoon out of it and had lunch. We dined at Herges on the Loch, and the food was excellent!

In the opposite direction and much further north is the Enchanted Forest at Fascally.  Situated outside the town of Pitlochry, Fiscally Forest is lit up with all sorts of lighting.  Worth a trip – but do get your tickets early as they sell out very fast.  And please wrap up warm when you go as it’s all outdoors, at night, in Scottish winter months. Get me?

Wrapping up October, was the Cocktails in the City Event at Mansfield Traquair.  It was pretty cool but it did get rather quite crowded at points and trying to hold and walk with a cocktail through crowds isn’t easy.  I enjoyed the Voodoo Rooms’ offering, which was “Darling Ruby”.


Wow, October was pretty intense but November still offered highlights too! Here’s what they were:

Still sewing at Red Thread Studios and I will be back for another course. I’m looking at the class offerings and trying to pick one to do but still no further forward!

One of my Besties got married, and it was a lovely!  I’m so happy for them! It was a truly magical day, and I wish them many more for years to come! Awww!  I’m still trying trying to find time to edit photos that I took on the day and still have images from Seville’s adventure to process too! ARGHHH!


Talking about photography, it’s been on the back bench at the moment with being so busy with sewing these dresses and working.  I have got a few ideas of places I would like to get an image, but that’s on that ever expanding list.

I finally caught “Wild” on Sky movies.  Love it.  I love a feel good movie.  I also saw “The Marcian”, which I wasn’t too sure about but thought it was a great story.  I love “The Walking Dead” and “Blindspot”.

That’s a wee catch up … and I’m working on a couple of posts just now, so do keep your eyes peeled as they will be released soon!

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