Sew for someone

As you probably realise, Christmas seems to creep up quicker every year this one was no exception!

And once again I had plans that included making beautiful things for my nearest and dearest … which as you may realise didn’t happen.

However, I did manage to make one thing, and that was for a good friend who does travel photography.

Wow, you say!  I say wow too!

Here it is …

My take on a camera cleaning kit pouch.

To be quite frank and honest, I did take the thing apart a few times as I wasn’t entirely happy with the look.  I wasn’t really following a pattern either, merely going along with some ideas in my head (VERY SCARY!).  I’m already thinking modifacations for the next generation!

I hope it stands up to it’s job and I really do hope the friend likes it!

I bought the cleaning kit and the camera fat quater from sellers on ebay, the hot air ballon fabric was from hobbycraft.  I used a bit of fleece as interfacing and to give the pouch some structure.

A note to myself -If you want to do this crafty thingy for next Christmas Emma, start NOW!!!

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