My 2016 wish list

As another year closes another opens and ambitions are high, slates are wiped clean, and counters reset.  Do You get the gist?

I’m sure most of you set goals, and I’m no different to new years resolutions or wish lists.


Here’s what I would like to get, do, be or go to in 2016:

Be happy – simple 🙂 Don’t let other people get me down.  Take stock of who is in my life and who actually means something.  Only have people in my life who actually get me and take me for me.

Lose more weight – for health reasons mainly. Maybe actually get to that yoga class or get a personal trainer

Save money – Budget better.  Manage to put money away to fall back on.

Go to Isle of Skye – visit the Fairy pools.

Save for a mirrorless DSLR – kind of like this one. You asking, why?  Merely because it’s smaller that the big DSLR I have, and it might be quite useful for grabbing and going places.

Photo from Amazon

Do a massive clear out.  I mean MASSIVE.  I have so much stuff that I don’t need nor look at.  This clearout is happening in January. One thing for sure is that I am not doing a car boot sale. We hold on to so much stuff that we don’t actually use, it’s time to get rid.

Write down a project list and make it achievable -ha ha!

Finish projects – LOL

Go to another sewing class.  I enjoyed making my Christmas Dress at Red Thread Studio (which I have to finish and wear!). I’m hoping they do a corset class or a coat class!


Get back into photography, find my stride again.  Recently I’ve not been out with my camera due to all the overtime I’ve been doing (not complaining (much) as it means more pennies!!).

Go to other Islands on the West Coast of Scotland.  I just want to soak up the remote wildness and beauty that they offer.  That said, I’ll definitely be taking my DSLR and tripod to capture the magic!

Save up and get these (below) lovely Cloud Nine tongs to make curls in my hair!


Photo from Cloud Nine


Maybe visit a European city that I’ve not been to before … I’m just trying to decide on which one!

Save up and spoil Mr C with a magical mystery tour (getaway) – can’t say anymore as he might just read this and it would spoil the surprise 😉

Keep on top of my blog.  Maybe do a little more baking posts, perhaps?

Grow potatoes. Try tomatoes again. Grow more sweet peas. Try and not do too much that I can’t fall behind on in the garden!

So, I think that’s a good old fair whack of a list right there … question is, can I acheive these goals?  We will just have to wait and see what 2016 has in offer!

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