The Not So January Blues

So many of us hate /moan about January, but I don’t because It’s my Birthday month and it’s a chance to reflect on the past few months that have been a whirlwind. It’s not the presents that I look forward too (ok it’s nice to receive), but the company of my closest allies that have stayed with me for the last 15 years plus, it’s lovely to see them all sharing this day with me.

I spent the afternoon with the ladies at The Howard, while enjoying the afternoon tea!


And I have to say I was rather flabbergasted when Mr C actually bought Cloud Nine’s Wand. Mr C had read this previous post and took a subtle hint to get the wonderful wand for my birthday!  I’m going to have to say this is the future for giving Mr C hints!



Another reason to see a positive, is getting rid of the negative. By this I’m meaning a MASSIVE clearout. Noticed I’ve underlined, made it all capitals and made it bold. I can’t over estimate how much s&*te over the years I’ve accumulated. I mean I’ve kept hold of a lot of things because I think I’ll use it, but I never actually do and it’s sits collecting dust. I’m getting rid of stuff by going through cupboards bags, shelves, boxes and every nook & corner.  You name it, by the time I’ve finished gutting the house I should have a VERY happy MR C, a tired but enthusiastic self, a clutter free house and boxes and bags allocated for charity, free cycle, gumtree, and the dump. Who needs to wait for spring for a spring clean! To this date I’ve went through kitchen cupboards and removed crap and out of date stuff and off loaded 9+ bags of clothes to charity. Plus I have a selection of of dresses to list on eBay.  To date, I’ve got another two bags of clothes ready to go and a few foodie books!   It’s been a lot harder than expected.  I’ve tried to remain a terminator but gee I’m a soft touch.


Oh and I see some pampering between this epic clearout too. Well, we all need a break and this will be well deserved! I’m thinking hair colour and a small chop. My Mum and I will be heading to Archerfield Cottage Spa to get a massage for a blissful “time out” session. And indeed, it was!  Will post about this very soon!

Like tweed? Well, I’m to visiting the Isle of Harris and the Isle of Lewis at the end of the month with the Familia and see the home of this well-established work of art in its birthplace. I can not wait to capture this on camera and experience the Islands’s landscapes and seascapes … Eeeeek! All will be revealed in future posts!

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