The Hair

It was high time I got my locks trimmed and given an overhaul.

The devine Lou Lou’s down at Gullane, East Lothian get my “barnet” right every time and they’ve even fixed a mess when I wasn’t patient (a tough & steep learning curve – NEVER EVER AGAIN!!).

Coffee is a necessity for me and it keeps coming while I’m chilling, flicking through the bbc good food magazine oozing and ahhing at the recipes. I’m trying to limit myself for fear I will start dancing – yes I can get hyper and then I spot a pizza oven at a reasonable price but we will talk about this in another blog.


Yes, it comes with a biscuit too!


Anyways this visit is solely focused on the colour and my lovely stylist and good friend S shows me some warm blends of copper and blondes.

After the colour was rinsed out then a little trim to rid any split ends – S then blows drys and adds some super duper Aveda products before and after using Cloud 9’s wand … Oh yes have I mentioned my incredibly adoring Husband got me a wand for my birthday?  The power of writing your wish list of a blog (if he reads it, which Mr C does!!).

… Well here is my new do:


Ta dah!


Yup I’m defo a Lou Lou’s Gal … loving my locks!

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Disclaimer: All opinions are my own!


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