My Food Adventures: Avocado on Toast

It’s one of my favourite lunches, especially when I have a delicious loaf of bread, such as the White Sourdough from Bostock Bakery that I got on Thursday while in North Berwick.

Not only Avocado, but I use a pack of roast chicken and some extra virgin olive oil to make it oh so special!

The lunch is simple and I would say healthy too.  Avocados are a weekly addition to our shopping list, and I just love them.

Firstly I heat the griddle pan on a moderate heat, so when you do pop the bread on with the olive oil it toasts.

I then de-skin, de-stone and chop the avocado into chunks and also chop the chicken into smaller bite-sized portions.

Add the extra virgin olive oil to the griddle pan – it’s a moderate drizzle you want but you down want to drown the bread in oil!  Leave for 2-3 minutes on each side until golden brown.

Pop the Sourdough toast on the plate, and then add the chicken & avocado and sprinkle with more olive oil.  I then season mine with pepper for that kick.  You can add chilli flakes for a bigger kick. Sometimes I sprinkle some finely grated cheese on the warm toast if I’m feeling naughty!


Bostock Bakery not only has bread, but it also makes lovely pastries and sausage rolls. It’s a real treat when I can get one of their tarts – especially the chocolate caramel tart (OMG it’s friggin’ amazing!).  The Shop is at 42 High St, North Berwick and you need to be sharp to get some bread! They are on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook for up-to-date info and food piccies!

Real Bread & Cool Decor
Such a treasure trove!

The tarts above are seriously worth visiting Bostock for – they are amazing!

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Disclaimer: All opinions are my own!


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