What’s been hot for me, in January.

January is over.  I know I can’t quite believe it either.  I’ve enjoyed most parts of it and thought it would be good to share my favourite bits with you guys. 😀

TK Maxx finds –

I’ve fallen in love with these stackable jewellery boxes.  Exactly they stack and what more they look beautiful but I’m searching for the big one.  I saw it one of the local TK Maxx stores and should have bought it then – argh!  Would love it if I could get one with a lid on the top to prevent dirt, light and grease from attacking my shiny stuff.


M&S Tights –

I’ve finally found tights that don’t roll down taking my pants with them!  I’ve got navy & black and I’m oh so happy now!  Pure cheesing! Another plus is that they are opaque too.  I do like thick tights and these are so soft, just as it says on the pack! A great price too.


Primark at the Fort –

Living 15 mins car drive from a retail park has it’s plus sides and it’s downsides – spending way too much money!. I’ve not been into the new Primark until this week and found a few bits and pieces all for under £10! Plus it’s great to see them doing wide fitting shoes now too!

Pinterest –

I’ve been going bonkers on this by adding to existing boards and creating new ones.  The most recent board I’ve created is Ikea Hacks and I can’t wait to do a couple of these ideas!


Salt, Bruntsfield –

It’s going to be said; this is my favourite place for brunch.  It’s chilled out, has lovely flat whites and the brunch menu is small but plentiful.  I’ve tried most of the brunch dishes and am fully satisfied with all of them.

Harry’s Bar, Edinburgh –

Before this visit, I had only been once and wasn’t swayed to go back.  Now I am since it’s face lift,  I’ve tried some of the tasty canapés and Chocolate Orange Bitter Cocktail (must get the recipe for this dude, it’s addictive!).  Big thanks to Harry’s Bar and Yelp Edinburgh for making this Yelp Elite event happen, I wouldn’t have given it a chance otherwise! It was a great night too, and I’m looking forward to so many more like them in 2016.

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Mademoiselle Macaron, Edinburgh –

By far my favourite monthly treat and this usually collaborates with getting my nails gelled over by Therapy by Gemalli.  I can’t stop myself buying a box to share with Mr C. My favourite has to be Hendrick’s Gin.  Although, I can’t stop thinking about the Prosecco flavour from New Year, which now seems so far away!  You can catch up on the nails here, here & here!

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Well that’s my favourites bits of January done, not forgetting my trip to the Island of Harris and Lewis, Outer Hebrides, NW Scotland (but that’s in another blog post, which is currently getting written up!).

Happy Febuary musings!


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Disclaimer: All opinions are my own!




  1. Ive never seen “Salt” before, I work in the Marchmont area of Edinburgh a lot painting out flats etc and surprised that I have never noticed it. Will need to stop by one weekend! Nice job on the furniture painting as well, looks superb.Thanks, Ross.

    • Salt is right next to Harvest Garden – the flower & chocolate shop – has a bus stop & bridal shop very near to it too! Hope you enjoy! These are purely ideas from Pinterest that I would like to use on my furniture. I hope I can do just as good as a job! Thanks for the comments!

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