Wee Adventures: Dalkeith Country Park

With hardly any clouds in the sky and the sun shining, Mr C and I decided to walk off the carvery we had for lunch at Dalkeith Country Park.

Currently the park is having some major changes – the stable block and the bridge were blocked off, so we decided to try out a new path. 

There was an abundance of snowdrops. I always love this time of year purely because of the snowdrop as it reminds me of my Gran. 

The light at this time of year really is great for taking photographs, even if it’s just on the iPhone!

It will be soon be time to go out and collect some wild garlic. I usually use it to make a wild garlic pesto for pasta or cook it with chicken. Link for my recipe is here

Spotted on the walk was an old drinking fountain, the ice house and the gate to nowhere!


It was really nice to get out and make use of the gorgeous weather. Mr C and had a good time relaxing, whilst walking through the park, which is popular with dog-walkers and young families. 

You can get some stunning views. The perspective of the house through the wood clearing is fantastic. 

We had some giggles, particularly when I lost my footing and slipped in mud! Don’t worry no Emmas were harmed in the making of the blog post! 

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Disclaimer: All opinions and views are my own!


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