Wee Adventures: Falls of Clyde

It was a gorgeous morning when my mum, brother and I set off to go and explore the Falls of Clyde. Instead of taking the M8, the Sat Nav took us down the very scenic Peebles Road, crossing South Lanarkshire. 

The journey took about an hour from Bonnyrigg and we parked in the car park of The New Lanark World Heritage Centre. From our little research that we had done previously, we were to follow the Badgers (signs) to get to the foot of the walk for the Falls of Clyde.


Follow the Badgers!

From the foot of the walk at New Lanark, The Falls of Clyde walk should take about an hour – two hours to complete. But that’s not taking in time stopping to take photos and take note of the scenic beauty!


Not so steep!

It is quite steep in places and it did test my (not so) fitness to a point! I did stop a few times to catch my breath but I made it.



Me and the Falls

Over the last 10,000 years, the landscape of the gorge has changed and now protected as a National Nature Reserve.


There are three falls in the nature reserve: Dundaff Linn, Corra Linn & Bonnington Linn. Corra Linn is said to be the most spectacular and it is indeed.


Dunndaff Linn Falls


The Dam with rays


Corra Linn Falls

If you are extremely lucky, you may see a kingfisher.  But I think that would have to be very early in the morning and when it there are far fewer people and dogs!


Peregrine Falcons are said to be resident here and between the Late March and September the hut will be manned, giving you a hand in trying to spot one!

If you are looking for badgers and bats, then the late evening is your best bet in locating them!

I’m already thinking I’d like to come back to the Falls in a few weeks to see the spring flowers and again in Autumn when the colours on the trees change.


Stunning Woodland Trail

We had lunch at the Mill Cafe in the New Lanark World Heritage Centre, which was ok. We then set back and took the Edinburgh Road;  It was just as scenic as the Peebles road and had snow all the way back but It was very light and it didn’t cause any worry.

In all, we thoroughly enjoyed the walk and the spectacular views. I hope Mum enjoyed her Mother’s Day treat too!



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Disclaimer: All Opinions are my own and the photographs are mine, so please ask for permission!



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