Wee Adventures: Escape to the Scottish Borders


A short while ago on Instagram, I spotted something that intrigued me to go and see it for myself.  So when Mr. C asked me what we could do one Sunday, I suggested we go down to Jedburgh Abbey suss it out.

It all started with Wild Oates Instagram post of Jedburgh Abbey as he reviewed the new tour of the Scottish Borders that Rabbies and Borders Railways were trailing.  Let’s say I’m keen to go on it myself.  There’s another Rabbies Day tour that I’d be up for, but that will be discussed in a future post.

Born in the Borders was also mentioned when I was looking into the Borders tour.  And I noted that we would need something for lunch as our stomachs would require some food by the time we got down the road.

Set on the Banks of River Teviot, Born In the Borders offers some pretty stunning scenery as well as some seriously delicious food.

We weren’t disappointed.  Excellent value of local Borders produce.

Huge Bowl of Soup
And a Huge Sourdough toastie with homemade crisps!

I’m eager to take my Mum down and treat her, take note Mum! The food was delightful in every bite and I was very surprised at the volume – as you can see, the portions were huge! And there is a huge cake platter which I was too full to try any!  Yes, TOO FULL!




Walk it off by walking along the River Teviot, and we were blessed with good weather so it made it a little easier to wander by the banks on a full stomach 😉

We then explored the Brewery which was the small seed of this establishment and it looks like it’s doing well.  A little look in the Farmshop didn’t go amiss either and low n’ behold I walk out without buying a thing!  Well, I did have Mr C keeping me on the straight and narrow.

After visiting Born in The Borders, we headed down to Jedburgh to visit the Abbey.  I’d brought along my DSLR to take some pictures and hopefully get some that I want chuffed with but that wasn’t going to be the case.  Unfortunately, the wind had blown trees over and Historic Scotland were waiting on the local council with a tree surgeon to remove the tree.  The Gallery area of the abbey was shut and part of the garden too was also cordoned off.  So after chatting with the super friendly member of staff at the Abbey, we decided we could come back when the tree has been removed.

It wasn’t an entirely wasted journey as we visited Mary Queen of Scots House which is in close walking proximity of the Abbey and it’s free!

Mary Queen of Scots is one of my favourite historical figures, don’t ask me why, but ever since I was wee, I was super interested.  And until last Sunday, I didn’t know this House existed, so a double win there!

Next time, we’ll stop at Dryburgh Abbey and also come back again to Jedburgh Abbey.  But despite the minor issues, it was a lovely day with super awesome company!

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Disclaimer: All views and photos are my own!



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