One Potato, Two Potato

And hopefully, in a few months, we will have lots more!

Yes, it’s potato sowing time.  This year I’ve gone for a packet of Pentland Javelin (first early) and Bambino (second early).  Main Crop is “Cara” which is a good all rounder and I’m pretty sure we liked it a couple of years ago.  I’ve also got Shetland Black, which is another second early.


Again I’m using potato sacks.  They’ve worked beautifully in previous years, and they are still intact, so why bother changing it?

For each packet, I use two potato sacks.  It’s good that I have a few potato sacks kicking about, so I can just line them up.


I’ve also marked them, so it will avoid confusion when it comes to checking up on them and then at a later date, harvesting them.

Why Pentland Javelin?  We’ve had them before and enjoyed them plus I like the name.

Why Bambino?  With a name like that, it’s too hard to resist!  Bambino is Baby in Italian, and I like to mix it up every year.

On Friday past, I bought three 40L of compost for £10 from Klondyke, plus the seed potatoes. So it came to under £25.  I don’t think I will use all the compost for those two packets, and will just use the leftovers for the veg boxes at a later date.

As an addition, I’ll add some potato fertilizer … I need to get this.


There’s nothing like a home grown crop.  Can’t wait until these beauts are ready for harvesting!



  1. Happy gardening to ya….I have to wait a tad longer here in Northern Canada, but I have been enjoying all the folks showing me their own spring gardens. I await the growth and stories of your potatoes this season… Last year I had a store bought potato starting to root in the bag, so I threw it in some soil and waited.. One potato went in and 12 came out… Oh what fun!
    Take care, Laura

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