Home & DIY Adventures: In with the new

Lately, Mr C and I have been re-thinking our living room space.  Nothing major but it needs an injection of change.

Our sofas haven’t stood the test of time and we are a tad annoyed about that considering the amount we paid for them.

Also considering that we don’t often have people round to the house we can get away with one two-seater and a nice gentleman’s armchair (Mr C looks so at home in one, especially with a foot stool) it would create so much more space.

I’ve been on the hunt for a super comfy two seater.  I spotted the “Tetbury” in M&S and it suits my short body and has a good back support! Currently, I have to plump up many cushions and have shuffle myself off the sofas. Our sofas are quite low too, getting up can be a struggle.


Comes in three other colour choices too, I like the lavender shade.


Since day one I wasn’t super keen on the dark glass tv stand that we got with our TV, I spotted this lovely wooden one in Dunelm Mill.

We have a game console and the sky box and a few bits & pieces, I think this would house it all.


The new TV stand?


We’ve also got our trusty Ikea “Lack” coffee table which currently sits in a corner – harbouring my “crap”.  I’m keen to get an upgrade and put it in the middle of the room and it’s a real incentive to keep the coffee table free of my CRAP, which will please Mr C!

This one from IKEA and is currently in the top runners.  I like the simple design and have sign something very similar in John Lewis too.  It also reminds me of a set of tables that my Gran & Grandad had.


LISABO Coffee table, ash veneer


But before we go out and buy loads of shines new stuff I find myself wanting to get a small coffee/ side table and strip back before I add a little geometric design. This would be ideal to put between the 2 chairs for hot or cold drinks. I found myself pondering on Pinterest (it’s an awfully dangerous place!) and have made a little board of my favourite pins – Geometric Fun!

There will be an incentive to make new cushion covers, to add colour and our touch to our home.  I’m hoping to use some tweed – I just love a bit of a tweed!  I think one or two of these cushions will have tassels. Check out my this cushion inspired board – CUSHIONS!

I can’t quite believe it will be seven years in November – where has the time went? There have been many home improvements but there are still many to do. One of the places that need a dab of TLC is the hallway and the stairs. It has been longing for a coat of paint. I love hanging pictures up the stairs; we’ve got a growing collection. I’ll probably choose the same paint colour (it’s an off white) as we have in the living room as it’s neutral and then I can colour in the way of lots more photographs, paintings and illustrations. I really should make a mood board for each of the spaces I want to change, so I don’t lose focus on what we want.

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Disclaimer: All opinions are my own!


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