DIY/Gardening Adventures: Terranium Treats

So I’ve bought myself a small glass bowl the other week there and instantly knew what it was going to be used for. 

For a while I’ve been looking online at Terraniums for my small collection of succulents and cacti but wasn’t sure of which one I really want to go for. Again that famous idea hoarding site – Pintrerest has so much to answer for. 

I almost had my mind set on these from ikea … 

MIXTUR – Oven/serving dish set of 4, clear glass £7.25

But on a little shopping trip in MY local Home Sense/TK MAXX – I found the glass bowl. I’m quite lucky as I three TK MAXX stores in Edinburgh, so I Hoover between the three. 

Any ways I get back home add some cacti compost and then carefully place the plants. I then add some tasty water (water with cacti feed) to give them a kick start in their new home/pot!

Here’s the finished look! 

I think I will add some gravel, (thinking white) just to give the complete look. It’s now sitting beside the wood burning stove. 

The glass bowl cost £9.99. I already had the feed, cacti compost and a selection of cacti. I got some cacti from IKEA and some from an Edinburgh florist shop. 

Disclaimer: all opinions are my own! Photos with my copyright logo are mine too!



  1. Looks great! made me chuckle too – I’ve been eyeing up terrariums for ages and can never decide! Pinterest does have a lot to answer for sometimes :o)

    • Thank you – decided to just go and hit the nail on the head! Looks super cute and I’m thinking of adding one more cacti to the bowl already. I’ll do this before I add the grit lol😉

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